tweed tea
scio me nihil scire

the London look, September 1961

The London look, November 1969

Традиционно, немного популярной тогда музыки.

Summer of Love, San Francisco, 1967

“Flower Power,” photographed by Bernie Boston, 1967

Но начиналось все совсем не так! В 1960 мода не сильно изменилась

Christian Dior, 1960

Students relaxing in a dorm room. Photograph by Loomis Dean. Paris, 1961.
Забавно! Это могли снять вчера... Все снова в моде.

Mrs. Harry Belafonte dancing at a nightclub. Photograph by Joseph Scherschel. USA, March 1960.

1961. Menswear.

A party in a cellar. Photograph by Loomis Dean. Paris, 1961.



American serviceman admiring two female pedestrians at the Cannes Film Festival. Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Cannes, France, May 1962

A DC teenager walking her dog. Photograph by John Dominis. Washington, DC, 1962.


Harlem Fashion Show 1963.

College girls wearing bulky knit sweaters. Photograph by Yale Joel. USA, August 1962.

Seventeen 1963

Parisian beatniks hanging out on the bank of the Seine. Photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt. Paris, 1963.



Лондон 1963




John French 1964


Claudia Cardinale 1964


pierre cardin 1964

College Students 1964

1964 André Courrèges

1965 soho, london



Mademoiselle 1965

Danny Lyon, Three Young Men, Uptown, Chicago, 1965


Twiggy 1965

Лондон 1965

Chanel Fashion Show 1965


Twiggy 1965

Women modeling bonnets at the legendary Harlem Easter parade, 1965.

Colleen Corby for Seventeen 1965

1966. Wearing striped wool full-length coat over striped chiffon dress by Valentino. Veruschka.

Office Party, Manhattan c. 1966. Click for Source.
Не могу не вспомнить сериал Med Men

Mademoiselle, May 1966

Mademoiselle, September 1966

YSL, 1966.



paco rabanne,1966

YSL 1966

Girls in shorts skirts shooting pool in Chelsea. Photograph by Carlo Bavagnoli. London, 1966.

1967 Cotton Ad.





ELLE July 1967

Hippies dancing to folk music during anti-war demonstration. Photograph by Ralph Crane. San Francisco, California, 1967.

VOGUE US,September 1967

TWIGGY by Bert Stern,1967

Nancy Hardwood, 1967

Seventeen, 1967

Sharon Tate, Barbara Perkins and Patty Duke for Valley of the Dolls, 1967

Seventeen 1968

Brigitte Bardot,1968


Model Sin-May Zao wearing a late day dress (L) and an evening dress (R). Photograph by Bill Ray. Paris, 1968.

New York Mets Victory Parade 1969.

Harlem Fashion Show 1969

Seventeen 1968
Я бы одела...


From LIFE magazine (17 October 1969), Elizabeth Christobel Edith Bagaaya, former princess of Toro, New York City fashion model

Woodstock, 1969

Rachel Welch by Franco Rubartelli for Italian Vogue (1969)

Hippie girl at Woodstock Music Festival. Photograph by Bill Eppridge. White Lake, New York, August 1969.

Seventeen 1969

Members of Jefferson Airplane at Woodstock Music Festival. Photograph by Bill Eppridge. White Lake, New York, August 1969.

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