tweed tea
scio me nihil scire

The new board walk, Rockaway, Long Island, 1903. New York Public Library

Jeanette Bernard. Three Women Bathers at Shore. 1860


Wallace G. Levison. Brooklyn, New York, July 1886.

Wallace G. Levison. Stokemus, New Jersey, USA, August 1886.

Three girls who will be competing in a swimming match sitting in a row boat with a group of men before the meet at Coney Island. Wallace G. Levison. Brooklyn, New York, USA, August 1887.

Wallace G. Levison. Sag Harbor, New York, USA, August 1889.


Palm Beach, Florida, 1895

Rockaway Beach, New York, 1897. New York Public Library

Rockaway Beach, New York, 1899. New York Public Library

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia, 1900. Powerhouse Museum

Bondi Beach, Syndey, Australia, ca. 1900. Powerhouse Museum

Hotel Marino, Yalta, 1900’s.

Florida ca. 1905

California, 1906

California, 1906


Miami Beach, Florida, 1910.

Bimini, The Bahamas, 1911

Children and a dog paddling in the shallows at Glenelg beach, South Australia in 1912. State Library of South Australia

Day at the sea, Darmut, 1912


A family at the beach, ca. 1915. Tyrrell Photographic Collection

Eliot G. Elisofon. Santiago, Chile, July 1918

Eliot G. Elisofon. Santiago, Chile, July 1918

Publicity still of Billy Bevan and Mack Sennett bathing beauties, 1920s.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, June 1920.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, June 1920.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, June 1920.

Atlantic Beach, Florida, USA, June 1920.


Gerald R. Ford Jr., with His Parents, Half-Brother Tom, Cousin Gardner James, and Several Other Relatives on the Sand at Ottawa Beach, Michigan, 1922. National Archives and Records Administration

Lunchtime on the beach in old Havana. Havana, Cuba, 1923

Henley Beach, Adelaide, South Australia, 1923.State Library of South Australia

M.O. Hammond, Sunnyside Beach, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, July 1924.Archives of Ontario

fancy beach party in Alexandria, Egypt, 1928


Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1931

Actress Jane Wyman on a California beach, August 1935. UCLA Library

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1939.

A girl burying bottles of Coca-Cola in the surf to keep them cool. Alfred Eisenstaedt. Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA, 1940.

Bathers and strollers enjoying a fine day at Oak Street Beach. Chicago, Illinois, 1940.

Hart Preston. Copacaban, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 1941.

Filmmaker Walt Disney filming on a Brazilian beach. Photograph by Hart Preston. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1941

Army men bouncing starlet Marjorie Woodworth into the air. Photograph by John Florea. USA, 1942.

A sailor and his date taking a walk along the beach. William C. Shrout. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, 194

Peter Stackpole. Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1944.

An American sailor sitting with his back against a coconut palm tree while looking off into the distance and remembering home. J.R. Eyerman. Tarawa Atoll, Gilbert Islands, March 1944.

Lennart Nilsson, Princesses Birgitta, Christina, Desirée and Margaretha, Sweden, 1945

Peter Stackpole. Guam, November 1945

A view of an American GI and a French girl relaxing on the beach at Nice. David E. Scherman. Nice, France, June 1945.

Close-up of people relaxing on Rockaway beach. Photograph by Sam Shere. Queens, New York, July 1946.

Glendale students having a party on the beach. Photograph by Peter Stackpole. California, April 1947.

Loomis Dean. Santa Monica, California, July 1948.

John Florea. California, July 1948.

Young British mothers and children on a beach at Repulse Bay. Jack Birns. Hong Kong, June 1948.

Loomis Dean. Puget Sound, Washington, October 1949

Sun worshipers enjoying the cabanas on the Jewish beach at Muizenberg. Margaret Bourke-White. Cape Town, South Africa, April 1950.

Francis Miller. Puerto Rico, March 1950.

Robert W. Kelley. California, USA, May 1952.

College students relaxing at the beach. Peter Stackpole. Chicago, Illinois, USA, June 1952.

Крым, пляж санатория "Радуга", 1959

Пляж 'Рыбколхоз' между Алупкой и Симеизом 1959

Marlon Brando and his future wife, Tarita, on the set of “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Photograph by Grey Villet. Tahiti, French Polynesia, 1961.

French starlet Philomene Toulouse with her pet fox. Photograph by Paul Schutzer. Cannes, France, May 1962.

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